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  • Wide experience and track record in handling Bulk Cargo (Solid, Liquid and Gaseous) and Large Projects.

  • Tariff classification of goods to determine their tariff treatment.

  • Management of SIMIs, LNA and interventions in 3rd agencies.

  • Management of 3rd party payments (Shipping Agencies, FFWs, terminals, fiscal warehouses, cameras, etc.).

  • Issuance of Certificates of Origin.

  • Actions to challenge and repeat taxes governed by customs legislation.

  • Promotion and special regimes of any nature.

  • Regime for the authorization and operation of Fiscal Warehouses - Tanks.

  • Qualification regime for plant consolidation.

  • "Turnkey plants" scheme.

  • Regime of "Exchange of goods under guarantee".

  • Constant updating of applicable regulations regarding customs, tax and exchange issues.

  • Ongoing advice on issues related to international trade and logistics.

Customs operations of:

  • Export: Destinations for consumption; suspensive temporary export destinations; suspensive destination of goods on consignment; export destinations with revisable prices.

  • Import: Destinations for consumption; temporary import destinations (all regimes); suspensive storage destinations.

  • Dispatches of samples of goods for export and import.

  • Ship provisioning for fuels, lubricants and other supplies on board.

  • Reloadings.

  • Reimports.

(M.S.T.C.S.) Management System for Temporary and Consumption Supplies:  

  • Online and multi-user administration of temporary and definitive imports through the web.

  • 24 hours a day the 365 days of the year.

  • Monitoring of balances and expiries through the web.

  • Stock tracking for verification at destination.

  • Automation for loading proformas / export invoices.

  • Issuance of reports to download in excel format.

  • Access to our clients for inquiries.

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