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It is MONIPORT's desire to be among the main companies in the Argentine Republic in terms of logistics services for the international movement of cargo.

To achieve this vision, our goals are: 

  • Provide the best comprehensive logistics service to international trade, ranging from advice, feasibility analysis and planning, both internal and international transport, storage, insurance, custody and other customs, banking, environmental legal aspects, other interventions, etc.

  • Achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in their international physical distribution process, serving with efficiency, ethics and responsibility.

  • Continuous improvement of the quality of the service under an organizational growth scheme supported by always seeking excellence and efficiency in processes.


We achieve these goals through the following approaches: 

  • Establishing and maintaining a Quality Management System aimed at excellence and continuous improvement.

  • Identifying customer and service needs and allocating the necessary resources.

  • Carrying out a constant Training program for the personnel, in an attempt to increase and update their knowledge and imbue them with a sense of commitment and identification with the objectives of the Company.

This MONIPORT commitment is sustained day by day by its Management and by all its members.

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